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The Periscope Competitive Edge

Periscope Media has focused their resources on becoming a specialist digital marketing agency focused specifically on SEO, Paid Advertising and Website Development.

Periscope Media’s HQ is based in Australia, successfully servicing clients across the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Our systems allow us to collaborate with 30+ team members globally specialising in copywriting, web development, systems engineering and design to effectively deliver for our clients.

We have a global team of only the best minds in the industry, based in the USA, Australia, Netherlands, Philippines, South Africa, Kenya and India.

Periscope office from the outside.

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Our Core Values

Transparent Agreements

We hold transparency in high regard when it comes to our agreements. We make it a priority to effectively communicate the value we bring to our clients, ensuring that our agreements are based on factors within our direct control. This way, we can consistently deliver on our promises and uphold our commitment to accuracy.

Constantly Seeking Truth

We have an unwavering dedication to seeking truth as a foundation for continuous improvement in the quality of our services and products. Our primary focus is on uncovering the truth that holds the most significant potential for benefiting our clients, rather than being fixated on maintaining a sense of being infallible. We approach this pursuit with rigor and objectivity, striving to constantly elevate our offerings.

Universal Well-being

We value the well-being of all individuals in our business endeavors. Our aim is to create mutually beneficial situations that promote happiness and fulfillment for our team, clients, and the wider community. We selectively partner with high-quality businesses that share our commitment to excellence and prioritize the well-being of people.

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Our Founders:

Luke & Carradean

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The Periscope Team

Get to know the Periscope team dedicated to delivering high-quality services worldwide.

Adelyn Lovas-Tiong
Web Design & Development
Alfredo Fandino
Digital Strategist
Aman Sharma
Web Development Expert
Andrei Priplotski
Digital Strategist
Cam Gomersall
Web Design & Development Manager
Carradean Farley
Cess Templa
Chris Whitbread
Google Ads Specialist
Colin Hawkins
SEO Specialist
Ed Guzman
Support Manager
Holden Andrews
Digital Strategist North America
Izzy Reely
Systems Specialist
Lilly Jones
Web Design & Development
Luis Rivera
Google Ads Specialist
Luke Gray
Mark Veleski
SEO Specialist

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Come visit Periscope Media, at our vibrant and dynamic office. Our dedicated team of experts are ready to guide you in optimising your online presence and achieving your digital marketing goals, however lofty they may be.

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Periscope digital marketing team member in laptop.
Periscope digital marketing team member working with computers in the office.
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Periscope digital marketing team member working in the office.
Periscope office from the outside.
Periscope digital marketing team member in the office.
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