Pinnacle Painters

The Pinnacle Painters team reached out to Periscope to grow their online traffic throughout the Philadelphia region.
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Project Details

Pinnacle Painters LLC, a fully licensed and insured local painting company in Philadelphia, has built a reputation for professional, eco-friendly, and high-quality painting services at reasonable prices. They are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and are committed to sustainability and safety in their services.

Recognizing a need to improve their web presence and generate more leads, Pinnacle Painters engaged Periscope Media for a targeted SEO campaign and website redesign. Our collaboration began with an in-depth analysis of their existing online presence and a detailed understanding of the painting industry and their unique services and values.

We then embarked on a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to Pinnacle Painters' specific needs. The goal was to identify and rank for specific keywords relevant to their business, thereby enhancing their visibility in organic search. The website redesign was integral to this strategy, utilising one of our industry-optimised sites to create an online platform that not only visually represented the brand but was also incredibly optimized for search engines.

The combination of a fresh, user-friendly website and a focused, long-term SEO plan led to significant improvements in Pinnacle Painters' web presence. They began ranking for essential keywords, resulting in a substantial increase in high-quality leads seeking their specialized painting services.

Harlan and the Pinnacle Painters team have been amazing to work with and are thrilled with the outcome so far, experiencing marked growth since the implementation of the new digital marketing strategy. The collaboration with Periscope Media, encompassing a revitalized website and a successful SEO strategy, has positioned Pinnacle Painters as one of the leading painters in Philadelphia. This success underscores the effectiveness of a well-crafted digital marketing campaign that truly understands and amplifies a client's vision and values.


Pinnacle Painters


March 2023