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Google Ads' Demand Gen: A Game-Changer for Social Platform Advertisers

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In a world where the digital ad landscape is constantly evolving, Google Ads continues to lead the way with innovative tools. The latest to make waves is the AI-powered Demand Gen, now available globally for all Google Ads customers. Designed specifically for social platform advertisers, this tool promises to redefine how businesses connect with their audience.

Overview of Demand Gen

At its core, Demand Gen serves as the advanced successor to Google's "Discovery campaigns." Whereas the latter was a leap forward in audience engagement, Demand Gen pushes the envelope even further, leveraging artificial intelligence to bring forth a plethora of features and insights tailored for today's social advertisers.

Key Features and Enhancements

Ad Content Diversity

From the limited creative canvas of Discovery campaigns, Demand Gen broadens the horizon. Advertisers can now harness the power of video, integrating both standard YouTube videos and the trending Shorts, thus offering a richer, more diverse content strategy.

Engaging New Audiences

With the introduction of the 'Lookalike segments' feature, advertisers can tap into new demographics that mirror their current clientele. Moreover, by finetuning bidding strategies - be it for clicks, conversions, or website actions - businesses can optimize their outreach more effectively.

Tailored Ads and Performance Metrics

One can't ignore the impressive figures Demand Gen boasts: a staggering 3X higher click-through rate and a 61% reduced cost per action compared to some paid social campaigns (specific statistics can be linked from Google's official releases). This performance edge comes from the tool's adaptability, allowing brands to customize their campaigns to resonate with varying audience segments.

Retail-focused Features

Retailers have a reason to rejoice. Demand Gen seamlessly integrates videos, images, and catalog text, curating product displays that align impeccably with user interests and search intent.

Google's Vision and Perspective

Vidhya Srinivasan, the esteemed VP & GM in Google Ads, encapsulated the essence of Demand Gen's potential in a recent statement:

"The way consumers discover products is also shifting — decisions are made throughout the funnel. Compared to traditional social sites, online users are 61% more likely to use YouTube or Google to research products/brands,and 67% more likely to buy a product after seeing it in an ad onYouTube.


The global rollout of Demand Gen heralds a new era for social platform advertising. As we at Periscope Media embrace and integrate this tool into our strategies, we invite advertisers globally to harness its potential. In an ever-competitive digital space, staying ahead means adapting, innovating, and leveraging the best tools at our disposal – and Demand Gen certainly fits that bill.

Like to speak to our ecommerce ads specialist? Get in touch with us today to see how the team at Periscope Media can take your ecommerce game to the next level!

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