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Mastering Retargeting: 10 Proven Strategies for Home Improvement Services

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The Power of Retargeting in Boosting Contractor Leads

I remember the first time I thought about ad retargeting. My wife and I were expecting our first child and we started thinking about buying a new car. We'd done a little research online and then all of a sudden I'd get ads showing me the car I was interested in. When I finally saw a finance offer from the manufacturer I couldn't refuse, the ruse has worked, I'd been sold to through retargeting! Their persistence paid off!

Similarly, in the world of home improvement, standing out is the game, and retargeting is a tool you need to have in your toolbox.

With first-time website visitors only converting an average of 2.4%, it's vital to get in front of target audiences multiple times in order for them to convert. Retargeting lets you tap into people who have already visited your website, showing ads that remind them, "Hey, remember us? You liked what you saw!"

But retargeting isn't just throwing random ads out into the wild, you need to be analyzing, personalizing, and serving them to folks who've shown interest in your offerings. Think about how re-engaging those who were on the fence about that new kitchen or garden revamp could lead to that final sale.

Keen to level-up your retargeting game? Let's dig in!

Why Retargeting Matters in Home Improvement Marketing

The home improvement sector is unique, encompassing both the heart (our personal spaces such as our home) and wallet (significant financial investments). Homeowners these days aren't merely seeking a service; they're seeking a trustworthy partner for their pride and joy.

You'll find that consistent and relevant retargeting plays a crucial role in building this trust. It's simple math: the more homeowners encounter a brand that displays a keen understanding of their requirements, the more they lean towards it. For those in the home improvement business, building trust through familiarity isn't just a good-to-have; it's the blueprint for getting that next contract!


Tip #1: Emphasize Customer Personalization and Relevance

I know that as soon as I see an ad that isn't relevant to me, I switch off. That's why understanding the behavior and preferences of your potential customers can create more targeted and effective ads for home improvement companies.

Crafting ads that are tailored to individual users' preferences, needs, and previous interactions is crucial in the digital era we live in today. Gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all approach to advertising could yield significant results.

Personalization adds value to retargeting strategies by creating a more engaging and relevant experience for users. When ads are tailored to their specific interests and previous interactions, users are more likely to take notice and engage. This increases the likelihood of conversion and helps businesses stand out from their competitors. By using data-driven insights and advanced targeting techniques, businesses can ensure their ads resonate with their target audiences and ultimately drive results. So, it's time to leave behind generic ads and embrace personalization in your retargeting efforts.

Tip #2: Highlight User Viewed Services and Products

One effective retargeting strategy for your home improvement business is to dynamically showcase the services or products that users have previously browsed. By showing personalized advertisements that highlight these viewed offerings, you can increase the likelihood of capturing the attention and interest of potential customers.

You've likely encountered these kind of ads before, you visit a website for a plumber and all of a sudden you see their ads appear in your search results.

This approach allows for a more targeted and tailored marketing message, as it directly speaks to the specific needs and preferences of the individuals who have already shown a level of interest. By reminding them of their past interactions with your website or content, you can create a sense of familiarity and reinforce your brand presence. This personalized approach can help you build trust and establish a connection with potential customers, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Whether it's showcasing the latest kitchen remodeling options or displaying the range of flooring materials they were considering, highlighting viewed services and products can be a powerful way to engage and resonate with your target audience. So when it comes to your retargeting campaign, don't underestimate the impact of reminding your potential customers of their previous interactions with your offerings.


Tip #3: Directly Address Customer Base Common Concerns

When it comes to home improvement services, potential customers often have common concerns that can hinder their decision-making process.

If you have FAQs that are asked by your customers, use them to your advantage with your advertising. Take cost concerns for example. By highlighting competitive pricing, financing options, or special offers, you can alleviate apprehensions and emphasize the value your services provide. Time constraints and potential disruptions are also valid concerns.

When you directly addressing these, you can emphasize efficient service delivery and minimal disruption to daily routines. You also establish trust and credibility, while demonstrating that you understand your customers' needs. This approach not only helps overcome objections but also sets your business apart as a reliable and customer-focused solution provider.


Tip #4: Remarketing by Creating a Sense of Urgency

Another highly effective strategy for boosting conversions and driving customers to take action is to create a sense of urgency through seasonal deals or limited-time offers.

Ever seen a count-down timer or a limited-time offer? That kind of urgency emphasizing time sensitivity and scarcity taps into the psychological principles that drive decision-making. Whether it's a summer sale or a last-minute promotion, presenting your offerings as time-limited communicates a clear message to potential customers – act now or miss out.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) can be a powerful motivator, prompting customers to make a purchase or inquire about your home improvement services sooner rather than later. Incorporating urgency into your marketing messaging can also help you stand out from your competitors and increase the perceived value of your offerings. So, consider using language that highlights the limited availability of certain deals or the deadline of a promotional event. By infusing your marketing efforts with a sense of urgency, you can drive more conversions and create a steady stream of new customers for your home improvement business.


Tip #5: Offer Exclusive Deals for Repeat Visitors

We all know that attracting customers for home improvement businesses is just the tip of the iceberg. It's crucial to make them stick around. Remember those days when shops gave loyal customers a special offer or a freebie? That's what we're talking about!

Instead of general discounts, why not tailor exclusive deals for those repeat visitors? Imagine if one of your returning clients sees a unique deal just for them, such as a special discount on their next project or a priority booking. The gratitude for their loyalty doesn’t just create a bond but also propels them to talk about your brand, acting as brand ambassadors.

It’s a win-win – they feel exclusive, and you get to ensure a steady business flow. Think about it this way: a satisfied customer who had a great experience with your service before is more likely to book with you again. Sprinkle in some exclusive deals, and you've got a recipe that not only keeps them coming back but also turns them into your biggest fans! So, make those repeat customers feel special and watch your business boom!


Tip #6: Guide Cart Abandoners to Conversions

The journey of online shoppers is often riddled with indecisiveness. For instance, think about a home improvement store where visitors frequently add products to their cart, only to abandon them. They're on the verge of purchasing but hesitate, perhaps due to uncertainty or a better deal elsewhere.

To combat this, smart businesses might introduce immediate chat support, offering real-time answers and alleviating doubts. This kind of personal touch can be the difference in swaying decisions. If a user does drift away, a gentle nudge in the form of personalized messages or tempting offers can reel them back in.

Take, for example, a scenario where someone is about to buy a new kitchen set but abandons it. Soon, they receive a message offering a special discount or an exclusive deal on that very set. These kind of strategies make the customer feel valued and can be the extra push they need to finalize the purchase. After all, everyone loves a little extra incentive, right?


Tip #7: Cross-Promote Related Home Improvement Services

Cross-promotion in home improvement services isn’t just about enhancing the user experience; it's also about maximizing sales opportunities. Think of a customer inquiring about wallpapers for their home. Instead of just providing them with wallpaper options, imagine suggesting interior painting services to complement their choice.

This approach doesn't just benefit the user by providing an all-in-one solution but showcases your company's expertise and versatility. It's like walking into a store looking for shoes and getting a suggestion for matching socks, if you're like me you're likely going to buy them, right?!

With online searches making things convenient, the chances of customers seeking out other providers are high. So, when someone shows interest in a specific home improvement service, suggesting complementary services becomes crucial. It establishes your brand as a one-stop shop, potentially increasing sales and customer satisfaction. Just like an airline might entice you with a special accommodation offer when reconsidering your flight options, positioning your services together can be the nudge a customer needs.


Tip #8: Showcase Success Stories From Loyal Customers

When it comes to gaining the trust of potential customers in the home improvement sector, visual proof and client testimonials are your secret weapons. By showcasing success stories and positive feedback from happy customers, you provide invaluable social proof of your service quality and reliability.

Incorporate high-quality photos or videos that highlight the successful completion of past projects, demonstrating your expertise in delivering exceptional results. Additionally, sprinkle in detailed case studies that outline the challenges faced, the solutions provided, and the benefits achieved for each client.

By presenting real-life examples of your work, you instill confidence in your target audience and establish yourself as a reputable and capable home improvement service provider. Remember, in this industry, word-of-mouth and positive online reviews are worth their weight in gold. So, don't be shy in sharing the praises of your satisfied customers to reinforce trust and boost your online presence.


Tip #9: Educate and Inspire Through Content Marketing

Educational and inspirational content in retargeting is like the secret sauce of home improvement marketing. Think back to when you'd watch those home transformation shows. You see a rundown space, and by the end, it's a dream home. That's the power of a good before-and-after showcase.

So, when you're browsing online, looking for ways to revamp your own space, and you come across a site offering DIY tips or maintenance advice, you appreciate the insights. But if you leave, perhaps looking for more ideas, and suddenly see a retargeting ad showcasing a stunning transformation, it's like a beacon calling you back.

Imagine if that ad also offers a sneak peek into an exclusive guide or perhaps a special discount on a consultation? Just the motivation you need to return! That's how businesses leverage education and inspiration. They don't just sell; they help, advise, and inspire. And, just like getting that extra nudge to make a hotel booking, a sprinkle of knowledge and a dash of inspiration often seals the deal for home improvement enthusiasts.


Tip #10: Leverage Advanced Retargeting Techniques

When it comes to retargeting strategies for home improvement services, audience segmentation is a crucial aspect to consider. By dividing your potential customers into more specific groups based on their interests, behaviors, or demographics, you can personalize your retargeting campaigns to better meet their needs.

However, audience segmentation alone is not enough to ensure optimal results. This is where A/B testing comes into play. By conducting A/B tests, you can evaluate the performance of different variations of your retargeting ads and determine which ones resonate best with each segment of your target audience.

This advanced technique allows you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your retargeting efforts to maximize their impact. By constantly testing and refining your ads, you can effectively drive engagement, increase click-through rates, and ultimately improve your conversion rate, ensuring that your marketing efforts are reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.


Implementing Your Retargeting Marketing Strategy

Implementing your retargeting efforts by combining educational and inspirational content is key to effectively reaching your target audience in the home improvement industry.

We hope that with the tips above,  you can provide valuable information while showcasing your expertise and creativity. This approach not only enhances customer engagement but also fosters a sense of loyalty among potential customers. 

It's great to DIY, but if you'd like to get more information about how Periscope Media can help you create a cohesive retargeting campaign for your contracting business, contact one of our digital strategists for a no-obligation free retargeting strategy session.

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