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How To Create Image Alt Text With ChatGPT

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As specialists in the digital marketing realm, we understand the significance of website accessibility. Today, I'm excited to share a game-changing process with you all – utilizing ChatGPT to generate descriptive alt text for images, a key component of web accessibility.

This not only benefits individuals with vision impairment but also aligns with SEO best practices.

Why is Alt Text Important?

Alt text (alternative text) is a concise description of an image displayed on a website. This text plays a vital role in web accessibility, allowing screen readers to describe images to users who are visually impaired. It also serves as a placeholder if the image fails to load and boosts SEO by providing search engines with context.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Image Alt Text With ChatGPT-4:

Note: Currently the image description feature in ChatGPT is only available in the paid ChatGPT-4 version.

Step 1. Initiate ChatGPT Session:

  1. Launch the ChatGPT platform.
  2. Log in with your credentials.

The ChatGPT default screen.

Step 2. Select an Appropriate Image:

Pexels is a great resource for free images.

  1. If you don’t already have an image to use, navigate to Pexels or similar platforms for royalty-free images.
  2. Search for an image that aligns with your content.
  3. Download the image and note the author for citation.

Step 3. Generate Alt Text Using Chat GPT:

Click the prompt box image icon to browse or drag your image icon to upload it to ChatGPT.

  1. Return to your Chat GPT session.
  2. Upload the image by clicking the image icon in the search box or dragging the image into the window.
  3. Command Chat GPT: “Please create image alt text for this image.”
  4. Press return or send the command.
  5. Review the generated alt text, ensuring it captures significant elements such as the number of individuals, setting, notable features, and any specific details (e.g., "a man seated in a wheelchair").

Type your alt text request prompt into the box.

ChatGPT will provide you with the image alt text.

Step 4. Implement Alt Text on Website:

  1. Access your CMS.
  2. Locate the section for image upload.
  3. Upload the image and input the ChatGPT-generated alt text.
  4. Save changes and preview to ensure correctness.

Conclusion: Unleashing the Power of Inclusive Web Design with ChatGPT

Embracing this process will allow you and your team to efficiently utilize ChatGPT for creating descriptive alt text, enhancing website accessibility for a broader audience. This practice is not only a stride towards a more inclusive internet but also reinforces SEO efforts.

Remember, an accessible web is a better web. By incorporating these steps into your digital marketing strategy, you can significantly improve user experience and contribute to a more inclusive online environment.

Don't forget to check out our YouTube video for a visual walkthrough of this process, and as always, keep innovating and optimizing!

Thanks to Kampus Production for their image used in this guide. You can find the image used here.

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