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Harnessing Reviews and Testimonials: Building Trust for Your Contractor Business

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The Impactful Role of Reviews in Shaping Contractor Reputation

From my experience in digital marketing, having your clients trust you is key for your contracting business. Trust can be the deciding between a potential customer choosing you over your competitors.


That's why customer reviews and testimonials are so important. What your clients say about you is evidence of your excellent customer service. Positive reviews act as social proof, demonstrating your track record to prospective customers.


When they spot glowing feedback on your website or social media posts, they're more inclined to believe in your capabilities. Plus, a consistent display of favorable reviews enhances your online visibility, giving a boost to your search engine ranking.


In this article we'll dig in to the ins and outs of building trust with your potential customers:


Word of mouth is a strong marketing multiplier for your businesss.

The Power of Word-of-Mouth For Contracting Businesses

Though we can't exactly print reviews and pass them around the water cooler, they've essentially become the digital era's word-of-mouth. An impressive 93% of consumers consult online reviews prior to purchasing, and they trust them nearly as much: 84% equate them to a friend's recommendation.


Your online reputation isn't just a vanity metric, it's central to a contractor digital marketing strategy. Stellar reviews not only amplify your digital visibility but elevate your search engine optimization. If you want a thriving online reputation you need to deliver top-notch service that motivates satisfied clients to share their positive experience. Remember, in the world of clicks and swipes, reviews are the currency of trust.


Curating Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are most impactful when they're easily visible on your Google Business profile and social media channels. Sharing these endorsements amplifies your online clout and offers a reassuring peek into the solid relationships you've forged with prior clients. When you prioritize incredible service you can curate and share these gold-star reviews, and watch your search visibility and lead quality soar. (And remember, it’s not bragging if it’s true!)


Responding to written reviews is a sure-fire way to gaining the trust of prospective customers.

Building Trust with Written Customer Reviews

Customer reviews act as badges of trust from those who've seen your work up close. Found on platforms like Google Business Profile and Yelp, they serve as a litmus test for potential customers vetting your credibility. Harnessing these positive testimonials not only bolsters your online presence but solidifies trust with your client base.


Encourage happy clients to put their review into writing, sharing their experiences on your site, social channels, and review platforms. This will allow your to include these endorsements into your marketing efforts, amplifying your visibility and driving quality leads your way.


Showcasing your video testimonials is a great way to increase your social proof.

Industry Audiences Love Video Testimonials

In my opinion, video testimonials are absolute gold for contractor businesses and their SEO campaigns. When satisfied customers recount their stellar experiences with your services, it speaks volumes, fostering trust with potential clients. You should definitely be asking for video reviews whenever possible. 


Video reviews by their nature are shareable on social media. It's far more likely people will watch a video than read written testimonials, and if you share these videos on your website, they can boost your search engine standing. Given our world of fleeting attention spans - thanks smartphones! - videos can captivate and convert your audience effectively. If video testimonials aren't in your marketing toolkit, perhaps it's time for a reevaluation.


Case studies are an exceptional way to showcase your expertise and client's success.

Turning Customer Experiences In To Case Studies 

If you've had an exceptionally great experience with a client - their case study can serve as potent evidence of your contractor business's expertise and effectiveness. A case study gives you the chance to share that amazing experience either via social media or on your website, and goes a long way to building trust with potential clients.


To create and share a case study for your contracting business:

  1. Begin with a concise summary of the customer's issue or task.
  2. Dive into the strategies you employed, spotlighting measurable outcomes and impressive metrics.
  3. Embrace visuals; think crisp before-and-after shots or snappy infographics.
  4. Don't shy away from sharing these valuable content gems on all your digital platforms - be it your site, socials, or emails.

Done right, case studies not only spotlight your professional abilities but also build authenticity with your audience.


Strategies to Encourage More Reviews

To drive more reviews for your contractor business, ask pleased customers for their feedback after project completion. You can nudge them with a gentle email reminder, a personal touch, or a subtle mention in your invoice.


Consider sweetening the deal with incentives like future service discounts. Automated follow-up email campaigns can serve as gentle nudges, and always ensure leaving a review is as hassle-free as possible. Direct links to popular review sites or your own platforms can simplify this. Prioritize creating avenues for feedback; it amplifies trust and solidifies your online standing.


There are no negatives when you can turn negative reviews into positives!

How to Handle Negative Reviews

Addressing negative feedback is foundational to trust-building. But how do your go about it?


  1. Respond swiftly and with utmost professionalism. 
  2. Tackle concerns with genuine empathy and offer solutions.
  3. Demonstrate your proactiveness in addressing issues.

Handling reviews in this manner can flip the script on negative feedback. You should always view every critique as a chance to confirm your commitment to service and possibly convert a disgruntled client into one of your loyal customers.


Showcasing Your Testimonials To Clients

Showcasing testimonials isn't about bragging - positive feedback from clients reassures prospective ones about the quality they can anticipate. When you amplify these endorsements to reflect your commitment to service and superior work quality you're spreading the good word across your website, social media platforms, and other marketing avenues.


The equation is simple: the more glowing reviews you can collect translates to stronger online clout and subsequently a larger audience reach. You should always encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences; it's priceless marketing, and who better to sing your praises?


Website Integration Of Your User-Generated Content

If your really want to capitalize on your reviews, incorporating them into your website enhances trust for your contractor business by shining a spotlight on them.


There's many ways to implement reviews into your website: through testimonial sliders, banners, or dedicated review pages. By making these testimonials accessible, you're not only boosting your online visibility but also instilling greater trust in potential customers.


Let your testimonials do the talking, and you might just find your website becoming a magnet for clients seeking trustworthy construction services.


Incorporating your reviews into your favorite social media platforms is a great way to build trust.

Market To Your Target Audience via Social Media Platforms


Posting reviews on social media is like flexing your contractor muscles. Displaying positive feedback builds trust and strengthens your digital footprint. These kind of testimonials are invaluable in the contracting business which is so competitive. Harnessing this power by sharing your reviews on social media, embedding in business cards, and ensuring they're central on your website goes a long way to getting that inferred trust that potential customers are seeking.


Think About a Print and Offline Marketing Strategy


Testimonials aren't only digital though; they shine in print and offline marketing too. Highlighting positive feedback on brochures, banners, and other materials offers tangible proof of your service.


Using snippets from satisfied clients reassures your target audience about your lofty standards. So, when considering your next brochure or banner design, sprinkle in some of that testimonial magic for a potent impression.


Leveraging Reviews in Marketing Campaigns

If you really want to leverage your positive reviews, incorporating them into ads offers potent social proof, bolstering trust and credibility. I'm sure you've all seen the insurance commercials with happy customers raving about the easy claim process right? Well, you've got the opportunity to leverage your positive reviews too!

By highlighting client success stories in various marketing mediums - from print to online campaigns such as Google's display and search ads and Facebook's PPC ads, you provide compelling evidence of your business's professionalism.


My tip: cherry-pick the best, and weave them into your marketing material. Remember, leveraging positive feedback is more than just good PR - it's a strategic move that when used correctly yields great results!


A Strong Brand Identity: Monitoring and Management

When it comes to managing and overseeing your reviews tools like Google Alerts and ReviewTrackers are invaluable in this endeavor. They track mentions and reviews across platforms, ensuring you're always informed and ready to engage.


The perks of using these platforms are allowing you to swiftly respond to feedback, an opportunity to showcase your customer service, and addressing client concerns promptly. Effective review management fosters trust and solidifies your standing.


So, ensure you're always presenting your best digital foot forward - no tool belt required!


Reviews and Testimonials: Authenticity, Branding and Trust

What's the takeaway?

I hope I've helped you understand that reviews and testimonials anchor genuine trust in the contracting industry.  As potential clients scour online platforms to vet contractors such as yourself, your positive feedback stands out, reinforcing your reputation.


You should always proactively display your customer feedback, and signal your dedication to top-tier service and client satisfaction. Address any negative reviews swiftly and professionally, showing your commitment to excellent service.


At Periscope Media, we strongly believe in the power of reviews. You'll see great examples on our own home page! If you'd like to chat with a digital strategist about leveraging your reviews into leads that grow your business, get in touch with us today!

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